Spring promenades

“In spring, the Karlovac promenade turns into a giant open-air stage. Lots of fun activities and social events invite you to actively participate and there’s always something for everyone. Learn something new about our environment and recycling; take the first little step in the quest to save our blue-green planet. Sit on a bench in the shade of a horse chestnut and dive into a musical river of sound by the largest accordion orchestra. Learn about the skills taught at Karlovac schools and meet the future geniuses from their classrooms. Choose a gastronomy-themed Saturday and surprise your palate with new tastes and experiences.” Visit Karlovac

Weekend at Dubovac

During the last few years, Trium participated in event Vikend na Dubovcu with creative workshops for youngsters and kids. We’re doing our best to come up with different and creative games and workshops. Art is important as a source of beauty and expression, as well as for the process of creation. We’re also used to adults staying around our tables and playing with the same fervor as the kids!

Art stimulates motor skills, neuronal development, and problem-solving skills, and can be used effectively to teach and understand other key subjects such as reading, writing, math and science. It’s also valuable because it allows children to process their world. So don’t be shy and the next time you see our sign Trium, join us!


“Štrudlomanija” continues …

The food event where professionals and amateur chefs compete in making the best strudel.

The beginning // 06.09.2015. the longest strudel in the world was made, total length 1479,38 cm //

Trium joined the organization with designing and making decorations. We made signs for nearby tourist destinations, designed and set up a “living room” for guests, set up the Infopult with brochures, decorated the entrance of Žganjer restaurant, created unique handmade table and chairs, a place where competing strudels were presented, arranged the main stage and more…

Visitors could choose between more than 100 types of strudels, and with traditional, the most interesting flavors were lavender, aronia, garlic and beans, gluten-free, wheat flour, and, of course, Guinness with apples and grapes.

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Flavours of the world

“This gastronomic event is different from any other gastronomic festival you’ve been to since it joins the world’s cultural heritage and gastronomy by offering an unforgettable gastronomic experience!” Folk dancers from around the world will present you with the specialties of their national cuisine. (TZ Karlovac)

Trium participated in the design and realization of decorations for the event..

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