Newsletter No.4/2021


By implementing this project we want to raise awareness amongst youth about protection of nature and the environment and steer them to discover for themselves alternative green ways in which they can take the power of knowledge into their own hands and influence people.

We covered the topics of soil, air and water pollution, environmental impact on human health, nature & environmental policies, landfill problems and recycling, climate change,  sustainable development, renewable energy, designing and developing ideas for future eco-projects, examples of self-sustainable ecological farms, opportunities to turn waste into artwork.

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes at the end of the youth exchange are awareness of the importance of the environment for the survival of mankind, awareness of the need to preserve the environment and ways to achieve it.

Young people are familiar with the environmental problems present in today’s world, its causes and consequences, and ways to prevent them. Participants mastered concepts such as environmental protection, sustainable development, landfills and recycling. Through an individual approach to the workshops and tasks, the participants developed their own skills, and applied them to the team through group work in order to achieve common goals and interests.

The expected learning outcomes are directly related to the general objectives of the project, which include environmental awareness; strengthening critical thinking and action, strengthening youth initiative, tolerance and promoting joint European projects.



Map out your heart

The participants shared with others their expectations, interests, fears, strengths and weaknesses, competences, hobbies, wishes.

Earth collage

Interactive activity in which participants touch on the topics of interpersonal tolerance, rights and solidarity as a basis for joint action.

If I came from

Each national group was given the task to present the country from which the other participants came from, in order to show understanding of their culture.

2070. and my place

Seeing our future with regard to natural disasters, pollution, global warming, etc. What awaits us?

Recycled Art


Through the organized action of cleaning the entrance to the Kozjača forest, the participants immediately saw the results of their actions, leaving behind nature cleared of rubbish left by unscrupulous passers-by. This one-day action represents a small shift in the local community, but left a great impression on the consciousness of the participants. About 15 bags of waste and several pieces of discarded furniture were attached to the action. 


a vision of a sustainable eco farm


Project leader

In charge of applying and implementing projects, moderating workshops.  Official driver and food deliverer, creative tinker and go – to person. Taking pictures and videos, editing and writing website and social media content.



Always there to give constructive advice and feedback. Need a private talk? He’s your guy, ready to bring out the best of you. Responsible and always on time, eager to learn and gain new knowledge and skills.


// Razmjenu mladih “EC(h)O” provodi Udruga za razvoj i jačanje kvalitete života Omne Trium Perfectum u suradnji s udrugama Backslash, Quart de Poblet (Španjolska), Association Walktogether, Sofia, (Bugarska), A.T.I.C., Galati, (Rumunjska) u sklopu programa Erasmus+ uz potporu Agencije za mobilnost i programe EU.

Svi sadržaji odražavaju isključivo stajalište autora, EU Komisija nije odgovorna za uporabu informacija koje su u njima sadržane.

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