Newsletter No.5/2022


The aim of this exchange is to develop awareness and critical thinking about serious problems arising from carelessness, passivity and pollution of the planet.  Awareness of the
problem is the first step towards progress. In addition to learning about the causes of pollution, discussing the current situation, policies and initiatives dealing with nature protection, the emphasis during the workshops is on solving these problems by taking small steps through an informal approach in the process, with emphasis on research, motivating and inspiring a better and greener future for all of us.


Environment and climate change 
Green skills 
Physical and mental health, well-being

Duration & Profile

From 10th September until 16th September 2022 (Saturday-Friday) 6 participants in total from each partner, 5 youngsters 18 – 30 + 1 youth leader with no age limit.

Learning outcomes

The learning outcomes at the end of the youth exchange are awareness of irresponsible behavior that leads to negative consequences for flora, fauna and human health, awareness of the possibilities of action through environmental protection and sustainable development planning, critical thinking and the ability to draw unbiased conclusions, the ability to express one’s own views and actions; creative thinking in solving social problems; implementation of their own ideas and initiatives. Upon completion of the project, participants understand the concepts of environmental protection and sustainable development and: types of pollution, landfills, global warming, the impact of the food and fashion industry, recycling, climate change, the impact on human health, excessive deforestation, the impact of politics, biological and landscape diversity, youth education and local community awareness. The participants have acquired the skills of presenting and transferring what they have learned, they are able to identify problems and provide ideas for solutions


A strong impact on the participants was the opportunity to immediately apply what they learned and leave their mark in real time through a half-day forest clearing campaign and making furniture from recycled waste that has found a new purpose in the community centre and will be used by young people. Through the activities, participants were enabled to independently design the content and take into account the outputs of each workshop, instead of just passively observing, which affected their psychological resilience that will help them cope better with stress & uncertainties out of discomfort & fear. Participants were taught to look and think interdisciplinary.

Trash to tresure

The Kodama booklet


Project leader

Taking care of business since 2016. During projects – official driver and food deliverer, creative thinker and go – to person. Taking and editing pictures & videos, managing website and social media. Writing, submitting and reporting and everything in between.



Want extra workshops during free time? She’s got ’em ready! Wanna hear interesting stories, guess what, Elvira visited more than 40 countries as a participant and a facilitator on Erasmus+ projects. 

// Razmjenu mladih “Kodama” provodi Udruga za razvoj i jačanje kvalitete života Omne Trium Perfectum u suradnji s udrugama  Association Walktogether, Sofia, Bulgaria i A.T.I.C., Galati, (Rumunjska) u sklopu programa Erasmus+ uz potporu Agencije za mobilnost i programe EU.

Svi sadržaji odražavaju isključivo stajalište autora, EU Komisija nije odgovorna za uporabu informacija koje su u njima sadržane.

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