By raising the relationship between artistic areas and areas of everyday life, which are in the modern day life influenced by media, we are using different approaches and non formal methods encouraging youth’s creative potentials, acquirement of new knowledge and skills as well as better visual research artistic expression and

media literacy. The aim of this exchange was to promote visual culture, stimulate visual exploration and artistic expression, develop the awareness and necessity of differentiating the world that is presented to us in the media in relation to reality, and to develop critical thinking…


Brings people together

An outdoor media workshop that involves live role-playing.

LARP - back to reality

In order to be able to ask questions and take a stand on media messages, to understand the basic principles of the functioning of the media and the ways it affects us, the participants were able to experience being a part of a story, instead of being just the observer.

“Emotional mapping” is a creative clay modeling workshop. The activity took place in an outdoor classroom in the park where, through modeling, the participants had the opportunity to communicate with each other about everyday things in a creative and relaxed atmosphere. At the same time, they were developing hidden potentials, working with each other, building confidence and bypassing

psychological blockades. Each work has a name written on it, city and country of its author and was donated to the local artistic initiative which will find their following art events. This activity made participants feel accomplished and directly involved in activities that will benefit the local community and raise the acknowledgment of youth art and activism.

Everyday “2GETHER” activities encourage creativity, socializing, strengthen cohesion, respect for diversity and address different topics; Map out your heart (similarities / differences in desires, interests, fears), drawing portraits (detecting insecurity, opportunity to see oneself through someone else’s eyes), Wheel of emotions (associations, mastering problem solving skills, communication, awareness and perception of others, understanding, trying alternative ways of completing tasks and avoiding misunderstandings; Earth collage (messages on the subject of interpersonal tolerance, human rights, solidarity), Emotional mapping (modeling clay, detecting hidden potentials, bypassing psychic blockages), Blindfolded (enhancing intuition, patience).

We got a great opportunity to leave a mark on the walls of Hrvatski dom in the form of a mural! We wanted to represent ourselves, our countries, Erasmus+, MEDIART and Karlovac.

To see how it turned out – visit our gallery!


by national groups

POLAND Modern visual culture – power of visual images (real messages behind images)
SPAIN Media literacy; access, analyze, evaluate & create (workshop and roundtable on media literacy aims to give participants a critical reflection on its importance and impact in relation to visual art)
GREECE Youth activism (youth activism shown through play)
CROATIA Art in public spaces  (examples and debate FOR and AGAINST)


The project leader

responsibilities: moderating workshops and activities, translating to Croatian/English/Spanish, listening to Maja, pretending to listen to Maja, writing projects, writing reports, reports, reports… art lover, creative tinker, go -to person contact of contact of…, heavy lifter, materials supplier, logo maker, coffee drinker..


The project coordinator

responsibilities: resolving technical glitches, keeping papers and materials in check, keeping Lana in check, preparing workshops, occasional dancing, DJ-ing, fresh coffee supplier, sarcasm provider, checking and rechecking project implementation, official driver, answering Lana’s questions, repeating the answers.

Mala scena, Hrvatski dom, Karlovac

// Razmjenu mladih “MEDIART- Visual art & new media” provodi Udruga za razvoj i jacanje kvalitete života Omne Trium Perfectum u suradnji s udrugama Abyss of Mind Foundation (Poljska), Koinoniki Anaptyksi Neon / K.A.NE (Grcka) i Backslash (Španjolska) u sklopu programa Erasmus+ uz potporu Agencije za mobilnost i programe EU.

Svi sadržaji odražavaju iskljucivo stajalište autora, EU Komisija nije odgovorna za uporabu informacija koje su u njima sadržane.


Udruga za razvoj i jačanje kvalitete života Omne Trium Perfectum

Varaždinska 1, 47 000 Karlovac
+385 99 755 35 95

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