Newsletter No.3/2020

Europe for you

EU4U promotes the value of belonging to an informed, tolerant, responsible and transparent European society, EU projects and programs, and creating positive social change in the community through critical reflection and proactive engagement

What were we up to

Non formal and interactive approach enabled participants to learn about more serious and “heavier” topics while having fun at the same time. They participated and communicated more openly and eagerly about issues at hand and their personal problems and felt motivated and confident in sharing opinions.

The activities within the project addressed main topics – media literacy and European citizenship and the participants had the freedom to moderate workshops which led to inspiring and diverse results each day of the exchange.

We witnessed a lot of compassion, courage and understanding between youngsters that met each other for the first time on the exchange, and it reflected on their work during the workshops. What should their role as active citizens be in promoting diversity and creating cohesive and inclusive society, how to critically think and share opinions and ideas? These are just some of the questions we tried to answer.

Using different methods such as interviews, play, treasure hunt, filming and (one that we used several times and had the biggest impact) role playing. Whether to express our ideas with a funny note or to put ourselves in other people’s shoes and try to imagine and understand their position concerning social, financial, physical and other disadvantages.


The set of activities which encourage reflection on the specific objectives of the project; active citizenship, strengthening of youth initiatives, promoting diversity and shared values, greater intercultural awareness, respect for human rights, acquiring knowledge about the possibilities of co-operation at European level, motivating and fostering creation of future projects within the Erasmus + program. 

History timeline

We started with a History timeline which gave us the opportunity to look back in time and find events that connect our countries in the field of science and discoveries, wars and tensions, sports, economy etc.

2050 and my place

Where would you like to live in 2050? How would you like to live and what would you like to do? Which country will have the most powerful economy? What will cause the biggest conflicts? How will people earn a living? What kinds of stories will we tell? How will we get information? What will cities be like? What will our borders be like?

We shared our answers for these questions and more!


An outdoor media workshop that involves live role-playing.

In order to be able to ask questions and take a stand on media messages, to understand the basic principles of the functioning of the media and the ways it affect us, the participants were able to experience being a part of a story, instead of being just the observer. The participants delivered performances about subjects dealing with physical disadvantages and cultural diversities.


by national groups

Romania “Youth 4 Europe”

Spain “Media literarcy – PRO’s & CON’s”

Croatia “Migration in Europe”


: to improve my english: to collaborate with NGOs : practice public speaking: learn about different cultures: improve communication skills : to meet friends from other countries & to learn more about EU:explore culture by meeting new people:to broaden horizonts & learn new things about new subject : I’m looking to learn more about Europe : get along with the people & make friends : to improve my social skills with groups : share opinions & points of view with other european people : to learn about european cizizenship & my rights as a memeber of a state thats is in the EU : to learn which Erasmus+ opportunities are available : learn about topic & share opinion : visit new places : gain more confidence just by being more easy for me to talk & open in front of strangers : improve soft skills : to have a deeper understading of Erasmus+ & YE process


: create connections:learn interesting facts:I expect to eat and drink Croatian meals : to meet nice people: to participate: to collabo rate : stay in touch (forever & ever):make connection s: feel free & accepted: improve public speaking:to be a better person:to stop judging other people on their appearence:improve my skills : be a good leader:to make friends so we can travel to each other coun tries : to make more friends & realtions that will be lasting:have fun, improve my english, make friends:share stories:to become more confident : make friends all over Europe : make valuable concetions


: Covid19: unknown people : unable to connect with people: disappointment (in letting others down): not to succeed in the art area : being alone : not being included in social activities : speaking english in public in front of all people : not being able to integrate:to be too shy 


project leader

workshops moderator, official driver, food deliverer, project applicant, leader and everything in between, art lover, creative tinker, go – to person, heavy lifter, material supplier, logo maker, coffee drinker..



Workshop facilitator and time keeper, an inexhaustible source of workshop & energizer ideas, Number 1. in giving constructive advices & feedback. Excellent example of a Youth leader.

Erasmus - Changing lives, opening minds!

// Youth Exchange “EU4U – Europe for you” is implemented by NGO Trium and partner organizations Backslash (Spain) and A.T.I.C. (Romania)  under Erasmus+ with the support of the Agency for Mobility and EU programmes //

The European Commission’s support for the production of this publication does not constitute an endorsement of the contents, which reflect the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained there.


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